• "Ready to unlock opportunities amongst supply chain complexities?"
    "Is the present customer demand augmenting margin potential of your retail?"
    "Are your marketing spends generating expedited roi on product sales?"
    our data driven approach will ...
  • Guide business top line growth and bottom line savings
    Help place right product in right quantity and build loyalty
    Identify the right market mix
    "advance statistics & big data"

About Sankheki

“Innovation is not the product of logical thought … although the result is tied to logical structure”

- Albert Einstein


With the change in customers' expectation for control on their buying decisions in today’s Omni-Channel world, businesses must deliver on customer choices – whenever, wherever and however they choose to interact with the brand. We at Sankheki constantly strive to deliver innovative cutting edge solutions integrated with Big Data Analytics. Our methodologies, which are the product of a team having expertise in big data, marketing, supply chain and retail analytics, will help your business to be a leader in this competitive landscape.

Sankheki is an Indian expression of the term statistics that forms the core of our organization. We believe business insights driven by sound data driven analytics is a recipe for success. Our end to end solutions involve two key parameters: Data Engineering and Decision Science. We boast of possessing the latest technology that collects, processes and structures your data through a secured channel. Our mixture of above technology coupled with Business Intuition, Applied Math and Behavioral Sciences, will solve not only problems with well-defined scope but also constantly shifting and in-distinct business problems.

Our Services

Integrating Demand
Sankheki's solutions helps aligning
your supply chain infrastructure with
the customer demands. Sankheki strives to
build an efficient supply design that easily
integrates with your business processes
through below solutions:
Sankheki's well oiled retail engine integrates
dynamic customer buying pattern with store's
operational and omni-channel marketing strategies.
Sankheki's big data solutions will expedite
your store's margin potential and brand value.
Market Mix Model
Sankheki's solutions identifies appropriate
marketing levers to quantify the relationship
between 4Ps and sales KPI, Following which,
we allocate optimal marketing budget
leading to augmented ROI.
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Retail analytics
  • Marketing analytics

Key People

Ravi Teja AmaravadhiFounder & Managing Director

Ravi has over 5 years of extensive experience in data science and its applications across Supply Chain, Retail and Omni-channel Marketing strategies. Ravi has worked with firms in the Asia-Pacific and North American region. He has successfully implemented key business processes & products and identified profitable business opportunities for some of the key players in the FMCG, Healthcare and Banking industries. His vision is to unlock full potential of Big Data with a quick turnaround time in Supply Chain and Retail Sector.

Rakesh RanjanFounder & Chief Data Scientist

Rakesh has a strong record of work involving clients in the Asia-Pacific, South Africa and the United States markets. Coupled with expertise in Big Data and over 5 years of analytical experience gained across FMCG, Banking and Retail domains, Rakesh provides one of the best client focused solutions in the analytics industry with roots deeply embedded in advance statistical techniques and decision science. He is currently championing implementation of state of art customized Supply chain and Retail analytics tools for Sankheki's clients.

Ravi Kumar GuptaFounder & Chief Technology Officer

Ravi Gupta has extensive experience in building intelligent applications involving Machine Learning algorithms. He has been working on end to end design and development of various applications such as cloud based search engine for e-commerce businesses, Text Mining & Computer Vision related products. All these applications are designed to be real time and scalable which can handle and process Big Data. His current role at Sankheki involves automation and implementation of various Machine Learning algorithms in building SAR products.

Dr. Pavan Rao ChennamaneniStrategic Advisor

Pavan is an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Pavan specializes in marketing analytics and his research has been published in premier business journals such as Management Science and Marketing Letters. He has worked on research projects that involved strategic issues in branding, pricing, distribution, media mix and marketing alliances. He is the recipient of the 2012 College of Business and Economics research award. As a strategic advisor to Sankheki, Pavan helps shape product development and custom analytic solutions for our clients.

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